Wednesday, 27 May 2015

EMFAB May 2015

This moth's show is brought to you without the letter ' '.

Joi me on Thursday 28th May at Radio 4A for aother helping of ew ad extraordiary music.

There's 3 albums i particular that I wan to brig to your albums of the moth.

Aa & Elizabeth's secod album, titled Aa & Elizabeth, a digital ad CD relaese o Free Dirt Records.
MG by MG. The MG stands for Marti Gore, the fellow behind Depeche Mode. Bit of a's very good! Mute Records. And Jey Hval's secod album 'Apocalypse Girl' o Sacred Boes Records'

Also, a farewell to etlabel Black Later Records, who are callig it a day after 100 releases.

The rest of the playlist might look a bit like this:

Weedeater - Processioal
Modestep - Damie
Guadalupe Plata - Hoy Como Perro
The Phil Mitchell Project - Fightig Polka
Slam - Ghosts Of Detroit (Slam's Dub Iterpretatio)
Swe Hutmacher - Thought of Knowledge
Degiheugi - Betty
Housemeister & Toy Plaet - Welcome To The Fuy Farm
Pada Dub - Mayd Hubb meets Joe Pilgrim
Sarp Yilmaz - Kig of Skuk
Fred Thomas - Bed Bugs
Tree - The Kig
Nick Curly - Magrove
Silei - Empty Time
DJ Hidde - Blid Uiverse
You Love Her Coz She's Dead - Crystal Deth
Prefuse 73 - Applauded Assumptios
Kid606 - Happy Closure
The Phil Mitchell Project - Beale's Polka
Barringto Levy - Here I Come (acoustic version)

Please do liste i live from 8 'till 10 om (UK time). Worldwide on the iterne, ad 101.4 FM i Brighto, UK.
Durig the show you ca email me at emfab at wombnet dot com

I'll publish the actual playlist tomorrow, by which time I hope to have located all the missig ' 's.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Was that fun?

Weeeelllll, yes...I had a laugh. You've got to, really, in the face of snafu.
Technical difficulties meant that I didn't actually get on air until 8.30, so in the end my show was only 90 minutes. Several excellent tunes were missed, including at least 2 by the irrepressable Shitmat. My apologies to him, and to the others who were omitted.

Here is the actual playlist:

Ryan Hardy - Dispearhead
N'to - Time
This Is The Kit - Bashed Out
Gondwana - A Gospel Of Dirt
Space Jesus & Esseks - Mannequin Skywalker
dOOp vs Subp Yao - Can...Not
Nick Tohme - Cojones
Tinlicker - Harvest
DJ Rashad, Machinedrum & Nick Hook - Understand
DJ Rashad - Let It Go
Porter Robinson - Flicker (Fu Mou Remix)
Days N' Daze - Self Destructive Anthem feat. We The Heathens
DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell - Fresh
Cesaria Evora - Sangue De Belrona
Nora - Feel ME
Lydia Eisenblätter - Agua
Gappy Ranks - We've Got a Good Thing Going (ft. Suga Minot)

(See the post below for links)

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

New Show

 Thursday April 30th 2015, 8-10pm (UK time) on Radio 4A

Welcome to the return of Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi. In case you didn't already know, the title of my show is a pun on a famous Country Joe & The Fish album from 1967 'Electric Music For Mind And Body'.
I've gone straight back to my previous form with a show bursting with new, and often eccentric music...I say's not to me...perfectly ordinary, really. In fact, if you think it's eccentric, you need to broaden your musical horizons. The best way to do that is to listen to my show.
See what I did there? Ta da!

Here's this weeks playlist, including some links.

Peach Kelli Pop - Princess Castle 1987
Nora - Feel ME
Lydia Eisenblätter - Agua
The Phil Mitchell Project - Fighting Polka
Tree - The King
Polyklinik - Den
You Love Her Coz She's Dead - Crystal Deth (feat. Mia Mort)
Ryan Hardy - Dispearhead
N'to - Time
This Is The Kit - Bashed Out
Gondwana - A Gospel Of Dirt
Space Jesus & Esseks - Mannequin Skywalker
dOOp vs Subp Yao - Can...Not
Nick Tohme - Cojones
Tinlicker - Harvest
DJ Rashad, Machinedrum & Nick Hook - Understand
DJ Rashad - Let It Go
Porter Robinson - Flicker (Fu Mou Remix)
Days N' Daze - Self Destructive Anthem feat. We The Heathens
DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell - Fresh
Cesaria Evora - Sangue De Belrona
The Phil Mitchell Project - Dead Polka
Kid606 - Happy Closure
Gappy Ranks - We've Got a Good Thing Going (ft. Suga Minot)

The next show will be on Thursday May 28th, 8-10pm..

If you want to be on the mailing list for information about the show...times dates etc... including a link to download the whole thing, email me at emfab at wombnet dot com with "subscribe".

Monday, 27 April 2015

The Return Of Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi

After having such fun filling in on Radio 4A earlier this month, I decided it was time to revive 'EMFMAB'. I've missed sharing all the great new music that I find.
I will be broadcasting a 2 hour show Monthly, on the last Thursday of the month, 8-10pm, LIVE on Radio 4A . If you live in Brighton/Hove in the UK, you can listen on regular radio at 101.4 FM.
This show will not be available to download. Be there...or don't.

During the show you can email me at emfab at wombnet dot com.
I am aiming to do a blog post the day before the show with a playlist and other details.
There will also be a mailout at that time, and a reminder 1 hour before the broadcast.
If you want to be on that mail list, just email me "subscribe".

The first show will be on April 30th...that's this 8pm.

Please tune in. It would be great if you could email me to let me know that you are listening.
Oh...and tell your friends.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Coseyhead On The Radio

On Saturday 11th April 2015 I'll be making a guest appearance on my buddy Gaz's slot on Radio 4A.
That's 1.30pm, UK time.
The substance will be Rising Balloon, which was my last mix...over a year ago, now.
I've got many more mixes in the planning stage, but not had the mojo to complete them.
Perhaps this event will move me.....

Here's the playlist of Rising Balloon:
Elon - My Back
Leman & Dieckmann - I Dont Waste My Time
Alfred Heinrichs - A New Time
Melokind - Zeitmaschine
Claude Von Stroke - Can't Wait
Silicone Soul - Right On Right On
Room 10 - Tumbu
Nick Curly - When the Wild Horse
Mario Aureo & Manuel Moreno - Autumn Bell
Spektre & Subfractal - Damage Limitation (Roberto Capuano Remix)
Nikola Gala - The Pump
Martin Books - 2 First Love
Dave Tarrida - Who's Got the Power
Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire - Aire
Kron - Silikron (Jurgen Paape Remix)

Go with Dogs


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Beyond Daisies

I've got a couple more mixes to share.

Rising Ballon
63 minutes. Techno/Tech House. Mostly tunes from the last 3 months.
Dot Funk
71 minutes. My first paid gig was as a funk DJ. That was a while ago, but I still love 70s funk and soul. This is a mix created for a friend who likes funk so much she blew her speakers. True music lovers do that from time to time.

Playlists here.

Nearly spring. Odd weather here is Sussex. Windy and raining one day, then bright sunshine the next. Generally warm, though, so I think it's going be a good year for veggies with an early planting season.

 I'm currently selling my CD collection. Some good deals and some rare stuff. Come and take a look at Discogs here.

 By the way...mind your heads! 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Wrapping Up

Christmas, and time for wrapping things...up. I'm going to be as brief as possible. My muse left me this year. I am happy about that. I've got many more things I want to do with life, and this dalliance with the music business was demanding far too much of my energy. There will be no more Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi, and there will be no more wombnet releases. I still make mixes occasionally...for fun, really, and as a sort of emotional catharsis. I thought it would be nice to finally gather them on one page, and that's what this post is really for. Here is a list, starting with the most recent. This list includes my final few shows for Dandelion Radio, which were actually mixes, rather than podcasts in the usual sense. Rgiht click and 'save target as' on the titles for download, or just click to play in your chosen media player. Tracklists for them all can be found here.

Blue Sky
66 minutes. Just techno.

Loss And Conjunction
62 minutes. Sentimental. Many of the tunes are well known, like the feelings they are meant to inspire.

60 minutes. Tricky beast, belief. A great power, under-used and abused.

Better Off Dread
67 minutes. I thinl most tunes sound better as reggae. Here's proof. All covers.

Hare Across The Rubicon
122 minutes. My final show for Dandelion Radio. I leap!

119 minutes. My Chinese birth animal is Rabbit. Now I am Hare.

119 minutes. 50 favourite tunes compressed into 2 hours, on  my 50th birthday.
First heard on Dandelion Radio March 2013.

119 minutes. Dandelion Radio December 2012. Now this is what I call a hit parade.

Summer Ease
45 minutes. Not a great title. No theme here, just some deeply chilled out summer music.

77 minutes. An examination of the nature of choice, or lack of it. Part two of a trilogy. Part one was Mythunderstanding. Part three is 'The Rebirth Of Pan'. I've already made several versions, but I'm not happy with any of them.

Spring Poop
73 minutes. A musical letter to an old friend, concerning her daughter leaving home for college.

60 minutes. Dandelion Radio Christmas mix 2011. 'Mr Mucilaginous's Unsentimental But Only Mildly Cynical Zmas Mix'.

67 minutes. Reggae. Developed from my Spring 2011 set for Dub In The Pub Soundsystem.

74 minutes. On the nature of the power of myth in everyday life, and how we are driven and controlled by belief systems we only vaguely comprehend. Part one of a trilogy. Part two is 'Choice'.

63 minutes. Fun with some great tunes, you swine.

70 miutes. Created as a feast of samples to be chopped up by my friend Ffrancon.

70 minutes. Christmas 2009. What a heap of useless, expensive shit!
This was my most popular mix, downloaded thousands of times...I lost count.

There were others before Hogwash. I might post them eventually.

 Here are my parents, newly married, in Springwood N.S.W., Australia c.1951.

In a few days I will be older than my father ever was. In a couple of months, my mother will be gone 6 years. With the most profound gratitude, I release them, as I go beyond them, with them.
We are never alone.

I wish you all self knowledge. I value little else.

Pete Nelson