Sunday, 1 November 2020

Blow Me Down (With A Feather)


This month's show is entirely covers, plus a couple of remixes. A great cover is when the song sounds like it was always that way. It doesn't imitate or replace, but stands alone as an original piece of art. Also, for maximum effect, the better know the original tune the more interesting the successful cover. Anything by The Beatles is a good place to start...

Download the MP3 of the 2 hour show directly here: EMFAB November 2020

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Deep Purple - Help - Shades Of Deep Purple - Parlophone - 1968
Verbeek Fairground Organ - All My Loving - The Exotic Beatles - Exotica - 1993
Charles River Valley Boys -  And Your Bird Can Sing - Beatle Country - Elektra - 1966
The Wilson Malone Voice Band - Penny Lane -The Exotic Beatles - Exotica - 1993
Biggie Smalls - Tax - An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space Instrumental - 2015
Clarence Wheeler And The Enforcers - Hey Jude - Glass Onion - Warner Jazz - 2003
Puddles Pity Party - Where Is My Mind - YOUTUBE
Paul Kalkbrenner - Feed Your Head - 7 - Columbia - 2015
Billy Bragg - Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - Peel Session - 1983
Wasis Diop - Defaal Lu Wor (Once In A Lifetime) - Everything Is Never Quite Enough - Triloka - 2004
Gipsy Kings - Hotel California - The Big Lobowski Soundtrack - Elektra - 1998
Leo Moracchioli & Mary Spender - Sultans of Swing - YOUTUBE
The Human Instinct - You Really Got Me - Burning Up Years - Marble Arch - 1969
Knauskoret - It's A Sin - YOUTUBE
Angela Kalule - Me And Bobby McGee - The Last King Of Scotland Soundtrack - Rounder - 2006
Count Skylarkin  & Harvey KTel— Dub Of A Preacherrman - 7” - Resense - 2011
Toots & The Maytals - Country Road (Take Me Home) - Roots Reggae - Dynamite Sounds - 1974
Blondie - Denis - Plastic Letters - Chrysalis - 1983
Gunhild Carling - Dancing Queen - YOUTUBE
William Shatner - Common People - Has Been - Shout!Factory - 2004
John Otway - Green Green Grass Of Home - 7” - Stiff - 1980
Jimmy Ponder - While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Superbreaks Vol3 - BGP - 2002
Richie Havens - Helplessly Hoping - Dom Perignon - Polydor - 1980
Helge And The Firefuckers - A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Eiersalat In Rock - EMI - 1999
Billka - Shine On You Crazy Diamond rmx - YOUTUBE


Correction! At 1:35:56 I say that Randy & The Rainbows 'Denise' was released in 1983. It should, of course, be 1963.

 I found so many wonderful covers that I intend to do another such collection soon.

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As promised, here is a repost of my 'Better Off Dread' mix from 2015.

Direct download here: Better Off Dread MP3

Or stream here:

Soulcrap - All Of Me
Horace Andy - Ain't No Sunshine
Marcia Griffiths - Don't Let Me Down
Joyce Bond - Help Me Make It Through The Night
Heptones - Suspicious Minds
Jerry & The Freedom Singers - It's All In The Game
Dennis Walks - Snowbird
U Roy - Ain't That Loving You
Hortense Ellis - Stand By Your Man
Cornel Campbell - Wherever I Lay My Hat
Dawn Penn - To Sir With Love
Jean Adebambo - Never Gonna Give You Up
Freddie McGregor - Massachusetts
Lester Sterling - Afrikaan Beat
Devon Russel - Move On Up
Cornel Campbell - Fast Car
The Minstrels - People Get Ready
The Cyclones - My Sweet Lord
Pat Kelly - He Ain't Heavy
The Deltones - I'll Take You There
Freddie McGregor - I Shall Be Released
The Cimarons - Over The Rainbow

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Startling Revelations And Salacious Headlines

 On this month's episode: cannibalism, a shotgun, freedom, sunshine, rainbows and a diamond (crazy).

You can download an mp3 of the show directly by clicking this link:

Or you can stream it on Mixcloud here:

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You - Okeh - 1956
Ansel & The Meditations - Tricked -  $candel - 1976
Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie - Shotgun Willie - Atlantic - 1973
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Inglan Is A Bitch - Bass Culture - 1980
Lamont Dozier - Going Back To My Roots - Peddlin’ Music On The Side - Warner - 1977
Van Morrison - Born To Be Free - 2020
Gernotshagen - Eibengang - Ode Naturae - Calygram - 2020
Luge - Up & Up (&Up) - Luge - S/R - 2020 -
Jude Cowan Montague - Russian Ice Swimming - World News Vision March 2011 - S/R - 2011 -
Aphrodite - Bomber - Aphrodite Recordings - 1995
The Wailers feat. U Roy - Trenchtown Rock - My Cup Runneth Over - Tsosume - 2020
Tony Allen - N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always) - Afro Beat, Hard African Funk Afro Jazz And Afro Beat - Blow - 2002
Mikkel Metal - Bodium - Peaks And Troughs - Echocord - 2008
Lambchop & Hands Off Cuba - Gus - CoLab - Merge - 2005
Pat Kelly - Sunshine - Sunshine - KG Imperial - 1980
Tuck Andress - (Somewhere) Over The Rainbow / If Only I Had A Brain - Reckless Precision - Wyndham Hill Jazz - 1990
Gaelynn Lea - Moment Of Bliss - Learning How To Stay - S/R - 2018 -
Matthias Heilbronn - Shine On You Crazy Diamond Black Dub - V/A - Bolshevik (BL005) - 2004
Bingo Gazingo - Bingo Gazingo’s Bolero - Bingo Gazingo - WFMU - 1997



 You can find Giorgio Sadotti's remarkable aleatoric radio show here:/

As promised, Richie Havens' fabulous version of Going Back to My Roots.


The video quality of this one isn't great but the sound is fine.


It takes a minute for the music to kick in.

Tuesday, 1 September 2020


Hello music lovers. This month's Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi is entitled 'OZ', in which the veil is drawn back to reveal the sweaty old man behind the curtain. Here, I hope, is one more step upon my quest to end this foolish charade of being a person.

Please direct download an MP3

Or stream on Mixcloud here




EMFAB September 2020

Toots And The Maytals - Rasta Man - Reggae Got Soul - Island - 1976
Maxence Cyrin - Where Is My Mind - Novo Piano - Kwaidan - 2009
Bonzo Dog Band - You Done My Brain In - Keynsham - Liberty - 1969
Sit ’N’ Spin - You You You - Doin’ Time With - Blood Red Sounds - 2004
Shag - Solitude Is Bliss - Hermit - S/R - 2015 -
Cinderwell - Wandering Boy - No Summer - Free Dirt - 2020
Black Ox Orchestar - Shvartze Flamen, Vayser Fayer - Ver Tantz - Constellation - 2004
Ripple And Murmur - Peaches — Sounds Of Underart - Havtorn - 2014
Monty Python - The Galaxy Song - Virgin - 1989
After Dark - Truly One - ADR - 1994
DJ Earlybird - The Tide Is Not Unusual -
Rex Williams - You Are My Heart - Nigeria 70 Lagos Jump - Strut - 2008
Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb DJSS mix - Suburban Base - 1995
Kittie - Spit - Spit - Artemis - 1999
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill - Angles - Sunday Best - 2008
Nancy Walker - To Keep My Love Alive - I Hate Men - RCA - 1959
Carole King - Being At War With Each Other - Fantasy - ARM - 1973
Cortney Tidwell - Mama From The Mountain - Cortney Tidwell - Sissy Bragg - 2005
Jim Carrey - What It All Means -
The Waterboys - Strange Boat - Fisherman’s Blues - Ensign - 1988
Terry Allen - I Just Left Myself - Lubbock On Everything - Fate - 1978
Van Der Graaf Generator - Pilgrims - Still Life - Charisma - 1976
Yva Las Vegass - Crack Whore - I Was Born In A Place Of Sunshine And The Smell Of Ripe Mangos - Moniker - 2012
Dan Geesin - Hills And Valleys - Driving - Transformed Dreams - 2011
Tickle - Red River - Red River - Black Lantern - 2011 -
Jenny Hval - That Battle Is Over - Apocalypse Girl - Su Tissue - 2015
Bjork - All Is Full Of Love Chris.SU rmx - Nu Urban - 2009
Ray Lynch - The Oh Of Pleasure - Deep Breakfast - Ray Lynch Prod. - 1984

As promised, a few interesting videos.

I wanted to post the scene from Father Ted in which Father Fintan Stack plays Cutty Ranks, but I couldn't find it, so here's something close:

And then there's Gunhild Carling...amazing!

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

The Return Of Coseyhead

After a five year break I have decided it's time to resume my show. However, my focus will no longer be on new music. Instead, my show will be free-form, that is to say I'll be playing anything from any time, as feels appropriate. There will occasionally be themes, but mainly my playlists will include whatever I'm currently listening to. I have always tried to create harmonious links between tunes, so that each show gives a pleasing and satisfying sense of wholeness. That will continue, because the need for emotionally wholesome art runs deep within me.
I contemplated a podcast-like format, recorded piecemeal and assembled with software, but that really doesn't suit my artistic sensibilities, so I will continue to perform the shows as a whole, recorded live, to give a sense of presence.

The first of this new season of Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi, for August 2020, is known to its friends as 'The Return Of Coseyhead'.

Here's the link for a direct download MP3 HERE or FLAC HERE

Or you can stream on Mixcloud

Benjamin Zephaniah - I Have A Scheme - Reggae Head - 57 Productions
Rip Snorter - Confidentially - (Jan Dukes De Grey) Strange Terrain - Cherry Tree
Banana Man - Take A Lick - 7” - Waterhouse
Aereogramme - Indiscretion 243 - Sleep And Release - Chemikal Underground
Mask & Gang Related - Dictation (Michael Caine Mix) - Wayz Of The Dragon - Dope Dragon
Chassol - Birds Part 1 - Big Sun - Tricatel
Don Trust - If I Had Ever Been Here Before - Nod Strut
U-Roy - Earth’s Rightful Ruler - 7” - Upsetter 
Kirsty MacColl - There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop... - 7” - Polydor
Elvis - Snowbird - Elvis Country (I’m 10000 Years Old) - RCA Victor
Scott Walker - It’s Raining Today - Scott 3 - Philips
Robert Mitchum - Foolish Pride
DJ Rashad - Let It Go - Rollin’ - Hyperdub
Mark Wynn - I’m Lou Reed x6 - Social Situations
The Velvet Underground - What Goes On - The Velvet Underground - MGM
Brian Eno - Fickle Sun (iii) I’m Set Free - The Ship - Warp
AC/DC - Shoot To Kill - Back In Black - Albert Productions
Albert Kuvezin & Yat Kha - The Wild Mountain Thyme - Re-Covers - Pläne
Matmos - Supreme Balloon - Supreme Balloon - Matador
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Open Field - Blues De Jour - Geographic
The Viceroys - Jah Oh Jah - Rastafari Box Set - Trojan
Divine Comedy - Songs Of Love (Father Ted theme) - Casanova - Setanta
William Burroughs - Dr Benway Is Operating…

Join me next month for another enthralling episode....why isn't there a punctuation mark denoting irony?
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Meanwhile, here is something that makes me laugh:

Something that makes me gasp

And something that brings tears to my eyes

Oh! Rev Oir

Saturday, 3 June 2017


It's been over a year since I published any musical offering. In fact, over a year since I've been involved in music in any capacity. I moved house last summer and took the opportunity to break from my past. I've been concentrating on reading. There are so many books I've yet to read. A few new authors in my life are Henry Miller, Virginia Wolf and Laurie Lee. Reading fine literature is like finding new friends. Henry Miller in particular has been a revelation to me. I think Henry and I would have been great pals if we had met.
I've also been catching up on an old favourite...Bill Burroughs. Amazingly, in all these years I hadn't got around to reading Naked Lunch. I'm in the process of correcting that oversight now. I know chunks of it from the audio by his voice is always in mind as I read. What a great book!
So, to the point. Life brings many changes to my mind. I'm not one of those folks that stays the same, thinks the same, all my life. I change my mind often, as the need arises, as situations change, and as my consciousness evolves. In fact, I now find it a great joy to be so flexible of mind. I enjoy declaring "I was mistaken!". It has been clear to me for many years, and indeed clear to many learned minds before me, that the journey to peace primarily involves the relinquishment of judgement. The truth...or should I say that I do no know what the world is for. I do not know what anything means. It is not my role to decide what my purpose is, or the purpose of any other person or thing. I am here, and so are you all, my brothers, to love everything without limit. Life is so much more simple when we realise there is only that one thing to!
Like many other lovers, I feel disturbed by the seeming closed-mindedness, with it's selfishness and greed, of many, many people in this so called free world. The millions who are about to vote against their own best interests in the up-coming farce of an election in this Disunited Kingdom. I, too, sometimes feel overwhelmed by the task that seems to be ahead. How to wake so many, so that they may care about more than their immediate desires, within their illusion that they must steal it from one another, or that someone must suffer in order to gain. Yes, I have times of doubt, until I remember what I said above. I do not know THE PLAN. I do not need to know. I have merely to do my part. Love without limit.
Now, those of you who also have voyaged into the grubby, visceral regions of mind...who have boldly faced the truth of your paranoid delusions, your hate, your revenge, your judgements...who have explored the great works of art left by psychonauts and adventurers, like Burroughs and Miller (and so many more)...those of you who have stared into the pit of your own ego-world and declared 'I am more than what I desire. I am not a body, I am free. I am still as I was created'...for you is this musical journey. From love, through disgust and despair, and back to love.
I call it 'Together', because, brothers....don't worry, we're all in this together.
Download or stream the mp3 HERE.

The playlist:
Sly & The Family Stone - This Is Love
William Burroughs & John Cale - Ah Pook Is Here
Russ Conway - Side Saddle
Curtis Mayfield - (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go
Carol King - Being At War With Each Other
Ansel & The Meditations -Tricked
Block66 - Money (Trap As Fuck Remix)
Medeski, Martin & Wood - No Ke Ano Ahiahi
William Burroughs - Last Words Of Hassan Sabbah
Shel Silverstein - Fuckem'
Lea Nicholson - God Bless The Unemployed
Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie
Daevid Allen - Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do?
Sandy Denny - I'm A Dreamer
Jay Whidden And His Band - I Lift Up My Finger and I Say 'Tweet Tweet'
Danny Kaye - Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)
Phillip Frazer - Back To Africa
Richie Havens - Going Back To My Roots
The Viceroys - Unite
Brian Eno - I'm Set Free

Friday, 1 July 2016

Gaz Fisher on Radio 4A

My great friend and some time musical co-conspirator Gaz Fisher does an almost monthly show on Radio 4A in Brighton, UK. He plays many genres, including Reggae, Dub, Techno, Minimal and Drum & Bass. I want to share with you a set from early this year. This was performed live on air on 14th May 2016. There's a half hour of Reggae/Drum & Bass followed by another half hour of Minimal Techno. An absolute beauty of a set! Perfect timing, perfect mixing and perfect tune selection. Sadly, it's only 128kbps, but it still sounds great. You can download it HERE

Radio Emancipation - Natural Mystic 360p
Kanka - Stepper Style
Digital - Sax Dub
Kanka - Skunky
Digital & Response - Lost Life
Idealist - A1 from 179 Metres Below EP
Dominant - 1995
Idealist - A2 from 179 Metres Below EP
Ellen Allien - Hoo
Dominant - Inside My Blood
Ellen Allien - Off
Floorplan - Music

                                                          Some rinsed tunes

Friday, 22 April 2016

An Uneventful Journey

Download 'Uneventful Journey' mix (MP3 183mb 77 minutes)

The Eagles - Journey Of The Sorcerer
The Weather Station - Way It Is, Way It Could Be
Martin Schulte - Researches Of Depths
Bersarin Quartett - Verflossen Ist Das Gold Der Tage
Laurie Anderson - From the Air
Ripple And Murmur - Peaches
Coingutter - Anadiplosismeiosis
Asakawa Maki - Asahi (Asahi no Ataru ie)
Incredible String Band - Maya
Ray Lynch - The Oh Of Pleasure
An Mio Productions - Lagoon
Ivor Cutler - Beautiful Cosmos
Anna & Elizabeth - Father Neptune
Bert Jansch & Conundrum - Down River
Fotheringay - Wild Mountain Thyme
Richard Thompson - Dargai
Eno - Pour It Out
Bob James - In The Garden
Decameron - Journey's End
Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

Deeply chilled out. Take a drink or a spilff, sit quietly with a loved one.