Sunday 7 October 2012

The kiln blew up in the erotic pottery workshop and there are red hot ceramic penises everywhere!

I hope I can move like this guy when I'm his age, which isn't so far away. Tell you what though, they're right...old is cool.

 Another cool old guy.

 One more video. Chay from The Suicidal Birds and Orang Goreng from Pony Pack have a new album out as 'Milk & Morphine'. The album's called 'Can I Carve My Name In Your Face?', and it sounds like it. Get it free from bandcamp here.


 No show this month. I've got lots of music to share, but I haven't found the will to perform lately. I've been focusing a lot of attention on the label recently, and I feel very pleased about the way it's developing. I'm just ready to publish the fifth release of this year, a fine, gorgeous album by collage artist Don Trust.

Available from October 9th at Forthcoming releases I can be relatively confident about include new albums from Ryan Hardy and Steveless & Syd Howells.

 I had a lovely learning experience last week. I briefly took up online poker...not for money, just for fun. I had a bit of beginners luck, then did a quick tutorial. Now, I don't know Poker...I've only played a couple of times in my life, and never 'got it'. After playing a bit online, and reading up on a bit of theory and technique, I began to see the beauty of the game. I love games, and although I don't have experience of the poker-type, I was a decent Bridge player in my youth. Though usually of gentle mind, as a gamer I'm calculating and ruthless. I have never cheated. As a good friend of mine put it "if you cheat, how do you know if you've won?" Nor do I play just to win...beating a vastly inferior opponent is boring. It's the music of the game that I love. Bridge is about harmony and balance. Each hand unfolds in mathematical perfection. Well, a few hours playing Poker and I could hear the song. So I read bit. Next day, I lost hand after hand after hand.... I was trying to play an elegant game against people who only wanted to win. The nature of that particualr game was that you could throw everything in...loose it all.....leave the room and return with a new stake....over and over again. There was nothing to incentive towards strategy, so several players would simply bet erratically, loose it all, reload and try again until they were lucky and won a big pot. Then they would use that capital to intimidate other players...scaring people off with large bids only they could afford, scooping up the other erratic players as they came and went. It struck me that they were being good citizens...playing the capitalist game. They didn't know any better....Anyway...easy solution...I was in the wrong room...what did I expect from a free public poker room....Ghandi? So there you go. Not profound. Quite ordinary, really. Occasionally we may wander into the wrong room. That's Ok. Leave.

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