Saturday 3 June 2017


It's been over a year since I published any musical offering. In fact, over a year since I've been involved in music in any capacity. I moved house last summer and took the opportunity to break from my past. I've been concentrating on reading. There are so many books I've yet to read. A few new authors in my life are Henry Miller, Virginia Wolf and Laurie Lee. Reading fine literature is like finding new friends. Henry Miller in particular has been a revelation to me. I think Henry and I would have been great pals if we had met.
I've also been catching up on an old favourite...Bill Burroughs. Amazingly, in all these years I hadn't got around to reading Naked Lunch. I'm in the process of correcting that oversight now. I know chunks of it from the audio by his voice is always in mind as I read. What a great book!
So, to the point. Life brings many changes to my mind. I'm not one of those folks that stays the same, thinks the same, all my life. I change my mind often, as the need arises, as situations change, and as my consciousness evolves. In fact, I now find it a great joy to be so flexible of mind. I enjoy declaring "I was mistaken!". It has been clear to me for many years, and indeed clear to many learned minds before me, that the journey to peace primarily involves the relinquishment of judgement. The truth...or should I say that I do no know what the world is for. I do not know what anything means. It is not my role to decide what my purpose is, or the purpose of any other person or thing. I am here, and so are you all, my brothers, to love everything without limit. Life is so much more simple when we realise there is only that one thing to!
Like many other lovers, I feel disturbed by the seeming closed-mindedness, with it's selfishness and greed, of many, many people in this so called free world. The millions who are about to vote against their own best interests in the up-coming farce of an election in this Disunited Kingdom. I, too, sometimes feel overwhelmed by the task that seems to be ahead. How to wake so many, so that they may care about more than their immediate desires, within their illusion that they must steal it from one another, or that someone must suffer in order to gain. Yes, I have times of doubt, until I remember what I said above. I do not know THE PLAN. I do not need to know. I have merely to do my part. Love without limit.
Now, those of you who also have voyaged into the grubby, visceral regions of mind...who have boldly faced the truth of your paranoid delusions, your hate, your revenge, your judgements...who have explored the great works of art left by psychonauts and adventurers, like Burroughs and Miller (and so many more)...those of you who have stared into the pit of your own ego-world and declared 'I am more than what I desire. I am not a body, I am free. I am still as I was created'...for you is this musical journey. From love, through disgust and despair, and back to love.
I call it 'Together', because, brothers....don't worry, we're all in this together.
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The playlist:
Sly & The Family Stone - This Is Love
William Burroughs & John Cale - Ah Pook Is Here
Russ Conway - Side Saddle
Curtis Mayfield - (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Going To Go
Carol King - Being At War With Each Other
Ansel & The Meditations -Tricked
Block66 - Money (Trap As Fuck Remix)
Medeski, Martin & Wood - No Ke Ano Ahiahi
William Burroughs - Last Words Of Hassan Sabbah
Shel Silverstein - Fuckem'
Lea Nicholson - God Bless The Unemployed
Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie
Daevid Allen - Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do?
Sandy Denny - I'm A Dreamer
Jay Whidden And His Band - I Lift Up My Finger and I Say 'Tweet Tweet'
Danny Kaye - Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)
Phillip Frazer - Back To Africa
Richie Havens - Going Back To My Roots
The Viceroys - Unite
Brian Eno - I'm Set Free