Saturday 2 June 2012

I Don't Think I Should Bite Another Dragon's Banana

I can't remember where I got the title...I just write 'em down when I hear them, but I thought it was pretty good advice for anyone. This months Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi is a full 2 hours of fun featuring a session from Jared C. Balogh. He composed 4 new tunes specially for the show, which you can hear, as usual, at Dandelion Radio throughtout the month of June. Jared also has a new album out on wombnet 'Silent Anticipation'.

Another star of the show is the new album on Disko B from Schlachthofbronx 'Dirty Dancing'. Does what it says on the can. Filthy. Best album of the year so far for me.

Roger Species has a new album on Crouching Demon Hidden Message, which is a new label set up him by Roger and Shitmat. Free at Bandcamp here.

Blocsonic is a netlabel I've been following for some time. An excellent catalogue. Political rap from 'Tab' and glitchy beauty from 'Sumgli'.

Qebrus' album 'Exophobia' on Bedroom Research is a must hear! Experimental IDM.

Proot netlabel does it again....Batfink's new album 'And The February Hiss' here.

An unusual aibum from Wellington Boot here.

You'll find Chilean space rock band 'D Zoom' here.

Russian netlabel Nanaloopsis here, for some minimal tech.

I'll be taking a break from this EMFMAB for the summer to focus on other musical pursuits,
but I'll be back again in the Autumn. There will be a Dandelion Roots show in July, so please drop by for that.

May your hair grow long and matted,