Thursday 2 March 2023

At Last The 2005 Show

 This month's title is a reference to a television programme, 'At Last The 1948 Show', that only British people of advanced years will remember. I never saw it, but I heard plenty about it, because it was the first appearance on main stream TV of many who later became stalwarts of British comedy...The Pythons, The Goodies etc. It was broadcast in 1967. (A clip below.) I broadcast my first EMFAB show in 2005.

All this month's tunes were released, or re-released, in 2022. That statement is not true, but it is nearly true. A nice distinction.

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The Tunes

To Rococo Rot - Intro (John Peel Session)

To Rococo Rot - Thomson Colour (John Peel Session)

Feuh - Fucking Asshole

Miss Kiyami & Dario Rodriguez - What The Fuck

Haiku Hands - Manbitch

Hieroglyphic Being - Frantic Moments

John Ondolo - Kenya Twist

Magic Peaks - The Quest for the Magic Strat

  1 The Three Powers

  2 Mystic Mead

  3 Fantastica Nights

  4 The Magic Strat

  5 Dragon!-

Psychlona - 1975

Uffie - Where Does The Party Go

Pole - Stechm├╝ck

Ted Lucas - It's So Easy When You Know What You're Doing

Basia Bulat- The Garden (The Garden Version)

BCee - The Garden

Shit And Shine - Miami

Inni-K - An Tiarna Randal

Danger Liker - Boneshaker

Ventt & Keparys - Velaris

Kate Havnevik & Guy Sigsworth - Come Back

Tatora - IDWY

Mono - Scarlet Holliday

Snowpixels - The Argon Specimen

Parov Stelar (feat. Russian Gentlemen Club) - AKH Odessa

Matt McGinn - Little Ticks Of Time

The Vids

All adverts should be like this:

A clip of 'At Last The 1948 Show', being the first version of a famous sketch:

The Idiot Bastard Band singing Barrett's 'Bike':