Thursday 6 September 2012

She was nekid, and sitting in this chair that come from France

Terry Allen-The Girl Who Danced Oklahoma
It makes perfect sense in context. The song is from his amazing album Lubbock (On Everything), which is arguably the finest country record ever made....Yeah, I know...the wise man avoids hyperbole, but in this case....well, just listen to it on youtube . Before you ask, it was not I who uploaded this just a week ago, but it's not the first such incident I've experienced recently. Serendipity is quite reliable.

This month's Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi is mostly pretty chilled out stuff I've been listening to during this beautiful summer. It starts with a Carol Voderman mash I found on youtube. The video's quite short and most amusing to my childish sense of humour, so I've embedded it.

 As usual, most of the tunes are from free netlabels, so I'll list them in order.

Ostad Khan from Darling ~Dada 0.1, the first compilation from that label.
Trollhead On The Loose and 5Y5 from Bedroom Research
Ryukau D040802 Sayonara Records
Aka Gelbart Please Please Me
Nebulist The Structure Of Chaos pt1 on Braincore
Sexton Ming & Colin Shaddick
Smill Prophecy ep and Kaleed Un Jerrikane... on Audio Activity
The Creature Cocoa Don't Explain It
Le Matin Chnasons
Knolios Melanin on Nanoloopsis
Ubik My Room Is The World on Musica Vermella
mmpsuf Retina on Sutemos
Sol Rezza Shorts For Radio
etc EP02 on Element Perspective
Indian Wells Night Drops
Jaws vs Paws

 The Dandelion Radio license doesn't allow me to publish playlists before or during broadcast...only afterwards. All the stuff above is Creative Commons, and not bound by PRS/MCPS rules, so the restriction doesn't apply. 'Free' isn't just about the price.
 If you only download one thing from that list, I'd recommend the Darling Dada compilation. An energetic slice of French underground.
 Understated and unassuming, 'Jaws vs Paws' is a lovely ride.
 Nebulists gets the prize for the most soul this month (unless you count The Supremes with a surprisingly filthy little number). Deep, moody and dark, but not depressing. It's a fine line.
 For creative weirdness... Le Matin's 'Chnasons'...what a great title.

Finally, do take a look at my netlabel wombnet. There's a new album from Chris Cook that you've got to hear.

'till next month then.
.. do lots of things I wouldn't do...