Wednesday 2 May 2012

There's A Big Difference Between Peeing In A Kettle And Beating A Man To Death

This month on EMFMAB;
The first session in this season of my show is from Don Trust, a collage artist based in Brooklyn.
He's created a 20 minute piece especially for the program, which you can hear all rhis month at Dandelion Radio. The session will be available later in the year as a wombnet release.

As if that wasn't enough...well, I have to say that I think this month's show contains some truly wonderful music, including Yva Las Vegass heart opening masterpiece 'Crack Whore', the latest compilation from Aberdeen's Dance Corp Records, a new album from Snail Bob on wombnet, and a few other sounds to amaze.

In case you hadn't realised, the theme for the last few blog titles has been quotations from film/tv that are perfectly sensible in context, but are particularly notable out..This sort of thing amuses me. Congratulations if you know the sources. You must watch as much tellie as I do.

A happy musical note...I found out the other day that Shitmat is active again. No more Wrong Music, but he's started a new label with the magnificent chopper Roger Species, called 'Crouching Demon Hidden Message' the first release being a new one from Roger. which I'll definitely be featuring on my next show.