Wednesday 28 October 2015

October 27th EMFAB

This week's show is a techno bonanza, featuring Paul Kalkbrenner's beautiful 'Feed Your Head' from his Florian Truilogy (vid below), a snippet of Jeff Mill's Exhibitionist 2 CD, and a techno mix by myself (Adam Beyer, Pig & Dan, Antigone, Robert Hood ++).
Plenty of other tunes too, of course. The return of Capital Letters with their first new album in 30 years, 'Wolverhampton'. The Paragons in dub. Richard Dawson's 'Vile Stuff' masterpiece of twisted folk. A couple of Indonesian metal bands. Footwork form Hertz Couture. Experimantal techno from Far. Winnipeg's finest breakcore... the esteemed Venetian Snares's new freebie album on bandcamp.

You can hear the show at Give The Drummer Radio HERE. , where you'll also see the full playlist with links. This week's 30 minute mix can be streamed at Mixcloud HERE, or downloaded from Wombnet HERE

Here's a summary playlist:

Paul Kalkbrenner - Feed Your Head
Uncle Sam - Basic Hip
Uncle Sam - Livin' In the Darkness
Uncle Sam - SIn the Garden
Venetian Snares - Simpleton
KEN Mode - Blessed
Jacksin 5 - Rock Disco
Salvatore Polizzi - Discoshit
Richard Dawson - The Vile Stuff
Capital Letters - Wolverhampton
The Skints - This Town (Feat Tippa Irie & Horseman)
The Paragons - The Version Is High
Randy & The Rainbows - Denise
Besok Bubar - Provoke
Metallic Ass - Lebak Bulus 1993
Flux Pavilion - Vibrate
Genghis Clan & Bot - Roff
Far - Hypocrite
Nosaj Thing - 2K - Fated
Hertz Couture - Keepin It Real
Soma - Head in the Clouds
Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha - The Wild Mountain Thyme
Van Morrison - Purple Heather
Adam Beyer - Stone Flower
Luigi Madonna - Unconditional Beauty
Pig&Dan & Alberto Ruiz - Monday Morning
Antigone - Prime Mover
Trevino - Eclipse
&ME - Woods
Floorplan - Ritual
DJ Boris - Be
Blue Daisy - Darker Than Blue (Interlude)
Blue Daisy - Darker Than Blue
Mad Professor And The Robotiks - Zion Blood Dub
Jeff Mills - Code Four, Running System, The Bells
Jon Foxx - Imaginary Music

As usual, here's some tasty vids on Youtube:

More great sounds next week.


Wednesday 21 October 2015

October 20th EMFAB

Hey folks. Yesterday's show was a hoot! I felt really 'in the zone'. I broke a few of my own rules/tendancies too, playing some tunes that I consider more mainstream than usual, including starting with Garfunkel And Oates, and finishing with Saxon's latest single. Yeah, Saxon. Who'd have thunk it?
I did another 30 minute tech/house mix. Links to that below.

The listen again function is now available at Give The Drummer Radio HERE     Full playlist too, with various appropriate links.

Here is the playlist in brief:

Garfunkel And Oates - Self Esteem
Buku - Laugh Track
Kasra & Enei - Overthinking (feat. DRS)
Bjarki - Wanna Go Bang
DVA - Allyallrecords (feat. Addison Groove)
Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn - The Final Countdown
GWAR - Carry On Wayward Son
Tommy McCook - Music From South Side
Frankey & Sandrino - Acamar
Enrico Caruso - Little Helper 181-1
Om Unit - Midnight Oil (feat. Digital)
Natural Numbers - Rastaman
Jay - Let's Never Get Drunk Again
Suis La Lune - Within
Ghouqueu - Not Being
Sleeper - Shatterz
Wise Blood - Cretin's Club
Old Man Luedecke - Low On The Hog
Yes - Heart Of The Sunrise (Live in Uniondale NY 1972)
Coseyhead - Oct 20th 2015 Mix
   Nutmann - Get Used                                                
   Todd Bodine - Raindrops                                        
   Gorge - Hidaya                                                          
   Alex Niggemann - Virgo                                           
   Elijah Simmons - Pisces                                           
   Stephan Bodzin - Sungam (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)  
   Matthias Tanzmann - No Sleep                                 
   Axel Boman - Nokturn (Grand Finale)                       
   DJ Deep, Roman Poncet & Adventice - Hydraulic Jack
Emily Ann Laliotis - New Eyes
Oana - Life Force
Vibracathedral Orchestra - Sleep
toe - A Desert Human
Tiger Stripes - Brrr
Digital & Response - Riot
Saxon - Battering Ram

You can stream this week's mix at Mixcloud HERE
Or download it from Wombnet HERE

Thanks for listening

Wednesday 14 October 2015

On this week's show...

On this week's show...heaps of new music, including a 30 minute mix by myself of techno/minimalish tunes....well. almost.

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Listen to this weeks show at Give The Drummer Radio HERE   where you will find the full playlist and links. My 30 minute mix was interrupted by a skipping cdr. The full mix can be heard on Mixcloud HERE or downloaded from wombnet HERE

A brief playlist:
2econd Class Citizen - Intro (The Mirrored Room)
2econd Class Citizen - As Good As You Get (Feat. Myka 9)
Anna - Unstable Structures
Dub Pistols & Seanie Tee - Pistoleros
Goat - It's Time For Fun
DJ Rashad - Cause I Know U Feel (feat. Gant-Man)
GRiZ - Summer '97 (ft. Muzzy Bearr)
Javi Bora - Street Groove
Between The Buried And Me - The Coma Machine
Karsten Pflum - Gruvsala
Down I Go - My Old Lady Wants Something For Her
Culture - Burning
Johnny Clarke - None Shall Escape The Judgement
Jackson C. Frank - Blues Run The Game (Peel Session)
Sandy Denny - Milk And Honey (Early Demo)
Hotplate - A Father's Grip
Melodium - Let Go
NÉSTOR +3 With Tottorinos - Me Voy A Dormir
Tootoosis - Mouse Trap # 2
The Lancashire Hotpots - Talking To Calcutta
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Piss Crowns Are Trebled
Coseyhead - Oct13th 2015 Mix
     Dave Seaman - Distraction Tactics (Him Self Her Rmx)
     Oswld - Krukem
     Tecknoise - Dub Lesson 10
     Pig&Dan, Mark Reeve - The Great Crescendo
     Florian Meindl - All Those Moments
     Len Faki - For Real  - Basement Trax Vol 2
Shit And Shine - Workin On My Fitness
Chimpo - Backslang
99LETTERS - Edge
Fistula - Wood Glue
Major Lazer - Too Original (feat. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
Toots & The Maytals - Chatty Chatty
Bathtub Shitter - Skate of Bulgaria

Wednesday 7 October 2015

10th Anniversary Show

This week on Eclectic Music For Mind and Bodhi I celebrated 10 years on the air with a selection of some of the finest moments from all my playlists.
Many of my choices are from bands and labels that no longer exist, and several were never released, only existing as demos.
You can see the complete playlist and listen to the show at Give The Drummer Radio HERE.

Here is a playlist summary:
Benjamin Zephaniah - Rong Radio Station
Listen With Sarah - Animal Hop
Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (Casketkrusher Mix)
Das Wunderlust - The Orange Shop (Rude Version)
Shitmat - Theme From The 1988 Morris Dancer Massacre
Alborosie - Kingston Town (Uproot Andy rmx)
Chinese Man - Miss Chang (Tha Trickaz rmx)
Yva Las Vegass - Crack Whore
Tickle - Red River
Lea Nicholson – God Bless The Unemployed
Don Augusto - Shitilife
Superqueens - Spinning Leaf
DJ Foundation - God Is Dead
Jay Whidden And His Band - I Lift Up My Finger and I Say 'Tweet Tweet'
RIAA - Str8 Outta San Jose
Hey O Hansen - Gogogo
Jacques Palminger And The Kings Of Dub Rock - Tüdeldub
Uffie - Pop The Glock
Look Look Dancing Boys - Arse Road
DJ Reach & Roger Species - When I'm Licking Windows
Ryan Hardy - Birds Fly Around My Head (session)
Mistabishi - Printer Jam
Lost Penguin - Mr Whippy
John Shuttleworth - I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Scattered Pearls
Dolby Anol - Heather, I'm Dry (Hard Knocks Mix)
Jesus Licks - Jaws Of A Shark
Bow Mods - 17 Weeks
Mooz - Girl Watcher
Hot Roddy - Suspicious Minds
The Flesh Happening - Useless Pumping
Brains & Virgin - Goldilocks And The 3 Bananas
Daisy Daisy - Michelle Plays Ping Pong
Persil - Vox - Comfort Noise
ZZZZZZ - The Operator
Björk - All Is Full Of Love (Chris SU rmx)
Jstar - One Life, One Hope
Sizzla - Don't Give A F

Some vids to amuse.
First is Chris Cunninghams amazing video for the Björk original of 'All Is Full Of Love':

Here's Lost Penguin's cautionary tale about ice cream:

John Shuttleworth's metaphor for the human condition:

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