Friday 6 January 2012

EMFMAB January

I often wonder about the role of the radio DJ on the internet. The comforting voice from the little box is a thing of the past, and websites...your you more information than a person can say. I can't stand the way some DJs sound like they are in the club...which mean's that you are club. "I got this tune the artist sent me...I got it free but you sfuckers gotta pay". Any of you know what I mean? Are you "not in the gang"? Neither am I.

This month's Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi on Dandelion Radio is well worth a listen...but of course I think that. Honestly though, I'm amazed at the new music I find every day. Very little of me in this episode. Just a joke and an introduction. I want to draw your attention to a few highlights. All the below are licensed Creative Commons and free to download.

Something you must hear immediately is Red River by Tickle on Black Lantern Records. It's a superb catchy, punchy anti-mcshiteburgerdisneyetc rant.

Also on the subject of monstrous appetite is an interesting mugabe from a collection of East/Central European experimental electronica 'Eastern Daze' from Audiotong.

Grab this now! 'Modluv' by Sans Blanc. I know nothing about them. It's a great album. Dada.

Here's a lovely album of glitchy electronica by Herve Provini-'Digital Music Landscape For Drum And Computer' on Audioactivity.

One last thing...I want to mention a couple of my favourite reggae releases of last year. Check out this beautiful bit of atonal spongy dancehall from Angie Angel-How You Feeling.
Also Natalie Storm with Dreadsquad-Beat That Chest. Bit of a surprise, that one. It's from a collection of Sleng Teng remixes on Superfly Poland. Yup. Great tune. Promptly followed by a load more remixes in December, none of which cut it.

Check back later this month for a new wombnet release.

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