Sunday 22 December 2013

Wrapping Up

Christmas, and time for wrapping things...up. I'm going to be as brief as possible. My muse left me this year. I am happy about that. I've got many more things I want to do with life, and this dalliance with the music business was demanding far too much of my energy. There will be no more Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi, and there will be no more wombnet releases. I still make mixes occasionally...for fun, really, and as a sort of emotional catharsis. I thought it would be nice to finally gather them on one page, and that's what this post is really for. Here is a list, starting with the most recent. This list includes my final few shows for Dandelion Radio, which were actually mixes, rather than podcasts in the usual sense. Rgiht click and 'save target as' on the titles for download, or just click to play in your chosen media player. Tracklists for them all can be found here.

Blue Sky
66 minutes. Just techno.

Loss And Conjunction
62 minutes. Sentimental. Many of the tunes are well known, like the feelings they are meant to inspire.

60 minutes. Tricky beast, belief. A great power, under-used and abused.

Better Off Dread
67 minutes. I thinl most tunes sound better as reggae. Here's proof. All covers.

Hare Across The Rubicon
122 minutes. My final show for Dandelion Radio. I leap!

119 minutes. My Chinese birth animal is Rabbit. Now I am Hare.

119 minutes. 50 favourite tunes compressed into 2 hours, on  my 50th birthday.
First heard on Dandelion Radio March 2013.

119 minutes. Dandelion Radio December 2012. Now this is what I call a hit parade.

Summer Ease
45 minutes. Not a great title. No theme here, just some deeply chilled out summer music.

77 minutes. An examination of the nature of choice, or lack of it. Part two of a trilogy. Part one was Mythunderstanding. Part three is 'The Rebirth Of Pan'. I've already made several versions, but I'm not happy with any of them.

Spring Poop
73 minutes. A musical letter to an old friend, concerning her daughter leaving home for college.

60 minutes. Dandelion Radio Christmas mix 2011. 'Mr Mucilaginous's Unsentimental But Only Mildly Cynical Zmas Mix'.

67 minutes. Reggae. Developed from my Spring 2011 set for Dub In The Pub Soundsystem.

74 minutes. On the nature of the power of myth in everyday life, and how we are driven and controlled by belief systems we only vaguely comprehend. Part one of a trilogy. Part two is 'Choice'.

63 minutes. Fun with some great tunes, you swine.

70 miutes. Created as a feast of samples to be chopped up by my friend Ffrancon.

70 minutes. Christmas 2009. What a heap of useless, expensive shit!
This was my most popular mix, downloaded thousands of times...I lost count.

There were others before Hogwash. I might post them eventually.

 Here are my parents, newly married, in Springwood N.S.W., Australia c.1951.

In a few days I will be older than my father ever was. In a couple of months, my mother will be gone 6 years. With the most profound gratitude, I release them, as I go beyond them, with them.
We are never alone.

I wish you all self knowledge. I value little else.

Pete Nelson