Wednesday 30 November 2022

I Don't Know

 This month's Eclectic Music For Mind And Bodhi doesn't have the answers you're looking for. It contains no secrets of the universe, no wisdom of the ages, no hidden messages of divine or secular importance. It is not esoteric or obscure, nor dark nor oblique. It is transparent and entirely meaningless.

As well as the usual scattershot of new releases, I focus on 2 particular areas of interest: the most enduring word in the English language, and the wide use and origin of the sample 'I don't know what this world is coming to'.

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The album of the month this time is 'The Winter Mission' by Brad Barr. Brad Barr is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter, best known for his work with The Slip, The Barr Brothers and Surprise Me Mr. Davis. 'The Winter Mission', his 2nd solo album after a gap of 14 years, is an record of scintillating beauty. Each track is individual, giving the impression that this collection of tunes has taken many years to compile. Listen to a couple more tracks at Bandcamp here.

This Month's Tunes

Dr. Alimantado - Conscious Man

Batida - Bem Vindo

Brad Barr - 3,4,5……6

Echologist - Reanimation

Amyl And The Sniffers - I Got You

Clap! Clap! / Domenico Candellori - Ox

Charlie Kane - Play Mi Selecta

Zoe Wanamaker - This Be The Verse

EEC - The Fucking Moon

Fuck Buttons - Surf Solar

The Broken Penis Orchestra - Fornication Under The Control Of The King

Shel Silverstein - Fuckem’  (find it at here)

Feckin’ Mrs Doyle (on youtube here)

Sizzla - I Don't Give A Fuck

Brad Barr - Your Dad’s Awake

Pearly - Julianne Moore

Josephine Foster - Soothsayer Song

DJ  Cam - Tropical Gypsy

Jessie Jackson - Brothers And Sisters

Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause (excerpt)

Billy Bunter & D'Zyne - Knowledge Is The Key

Thomas Brinkman - What This World Is

DJ Sprinkles - Sisters, I Don't Know What This World Is Coming To

The Soul Children - I Don't Know What This World Is Coming To (Live At The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum)

And some videos to accompany the show:

Zoe Wanamaker reads Philip Larkin's pithy masterpiece 'This Be The Verse'.

Because I rewatched 'The Missionary' lately...poor quality, but the best I could find,

And because I still love and highly rate The Beatles...
This guy is a bit boring (well, he is a drummer), but he makes a good point, and it's great fun at the end,

That's the thing until next time. Pop by next year, Jan 1st ish, for more ear candy.

Thursday 3 November 2022



Incidentally, Limmy is not Brian Lemon, but Brian Limond. It amused me. A hugely varied show as usual. Download the whole 2 hour thing as an mp3 here:


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The Playlist

Limmy - One Two Buckle My Shoe

The Hippy Boys - This Is It

Jacques Brel - Au Suivant

Scott Walker - Jackie

Henry Brooks - Greatest Debt To My Mother

Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee - Bambougou N’tji

Eek-A-Mouse - Mona Eeka

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard - Yourself

DJ Kos - 4 The Nite (DJ Rap Remix)

Schlacthofbronx - Slowine

Doctor Stereo - La Cumbia Perdida (Tahiras Afro-Cumbia Remix)

Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn

Barrington Levy - Moonlight Lover

Horace Andy - Natural Mystic (Saxxon Remix)

El Michels Affair feat. Piya Malik - Unathi

Oki (feat. Umeko Ando) - Iso Kaari Irehte (Bear Trap Rhythm)

Oki (feat. Umeko Ando) - Iuta Upopo (Pestle Song)

Morten Milde - I Need Help

Mouth of the Architect - A Vivid Chaos

Harihan - Mangal Murti Gauri Lala.mp3

Tim Iron - Anxiety (extended mix)

Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA RMX)

Boney M - Rivers Of Babilon Linus Ekstrand Electro Rmx

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Next

The album of the month is Oki - Tonkori In The Moonlight, which is a compilation of his work 1996-2006. I could write more, but what's on his band camp page is thorough. Read it and listen to the whole album here:

Honourable mention goes to El Michels Affair - Yeti Season, an American instrumental soul group led by New York-based musician Leon Michels. 

Read more and listen to the album at their Bandcamp page:

Some videos to watch. Firstly,  Jacques Brel singing his famous 'Ne Me Quitte Pas' in a very intimate and possibly somewhat intentionally ridiculous style:

Here's Limmy and the clip of One Two Buckle My Shoe

Lastly...I'm not a great fan of Bowie, but this version of his intriguing song Sound And Vision performed by Dutch duo 'We Tigers' is enchanting:

Next month...another blast of feeling.
May your goat go with you.