Friday 1 July 2022

I Don't Mean That In A Bad Way

 With all due respect, let some excitement into your humdrum little lives by spending a couple of hours with me. (Incidentally, you can now skip back and forth on Mixcloud.)

Download the MP3 here EMFABJULY2022

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The Tunes

Love  - The Daily Planet

Melt Banana - Shield For Your Eyes, A Beast In The Well On Your Hand

Nurse With Wound/Stereolab - Exploding Head Movie

Shovels & Rope - Collateral Damage

Owen & Leon Silvera - Practice What You Preach

A Piece Of Shit - Condor

Dom Irerra - I Don't Mean That In A Bad Way

The Rulers – Don't Be A Rude Boy

Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari/Count Ossie - Grounation

Gaelynn Lea - A Moment Of Bliss

Funki Porcini - 100 Bars

Gloria Lynne - You Don't Have To Be Tower Of Strength

Shag - Solitude Is Bliss

Shrag - Hopelessly Wasted

The Flatlanders - Bhagavan Decreed

Luke Hess - Two Prophets

Rainbow - Since You’ve Been Gone (live)

Furney - Bengo

Medeski Martin & Wood - No Ke Ano Ahiahi

Terry Allen - I Just Left Myself

Heart Of Glass, Crabtree remix

Ernst Reijseger - A Una Rosa

Samba Soul - Chove Chuva/Mas Que Nada

Sizzla - Oh What A Joy

My selection for album of the month this time is Manticore by Shoves And Rope. It starts a bit flatly but keep gets pretty fantastic. You can listen to it at their band camp page

Here's an example:

Some amusing Youtube shit.

The Gay Daleks

The genius of Joe Wilkinson