Friday 1 July 2016

Gaz Fisher on Radio 4A

My great friend and some time musical co-conspirator Gaz Fisher does an almost monthly show on Radio 4A in Brighton, UK. He plays many genres, including Reggae, Dub, Techno, Minimal and Drum & Bass. I want to share with you a set from early this year. This was performed live on air on 14th May 2016. There's a half hour of Reggae/Drum & Bass followed by another half hour of Minimal Techno. An absolute beauty of a set! Perfect timing, perfect mixing and perfect tune selection. Sadly, it's only 128kbps, but it still sounds great. You can download it HERE

Radio Emancipation - Natural Mystic 360p
Kanka - Stepper Style
Digital - Sax Dub
Kanka - Skunky
Digital & Response - Lost Life
Idealist - A1 from 179 Metres Below EP
Dominant - 1995
Idealist - A2 from 179 Metres Below EP
Ellen Allien - Hoo
Dominant - Inside My Blood
Ellen Allien - Off
Floorplan - Music

                                                          Some rinsed tunes