Saturday 1 December 2012

It's A Fookin' Pleasure

Currently my favourite joke:

This isn't just "and then I got off the bus", although that is part of the joke. It's the look on his face...that's what does it for me. The triumph of a naughty schoolboy performing to a willing audience.
It also serves as a point of ordinariness amidst all the surrealism. It's not really Mayor Vaughn...the knowing look says 'here's Chubby!'...a real person. This is a skillfully done technique for giving greater emphasis to the weirdness. I love every minute of this show.

Anyway...I'm back on the virtual air this month, though not with a show in the usual sense.
Here:  DANDELION RADIO . Please check the DR schedule for times.
I've made a 2 hour mix of some of my favourite tunes of the last 3 months, linked together with some occasional text-to-speech. It's not meant to inform or educate, although it may do so incidentally. It's pure entertainment. Mostly grindcore moments this time, I promise.

For some time I've wondered about the point of an internet DJ telling you what he's just played. The website in front of you can tell you all the information you need to follow up on a tune if you want to....certainly more than the DJ can reasonably communicate. There is 'presence', of course. The difference between good radio and great radio. Weeeellll....7 years on and I still don't like the speaking bits very much, but I do love to mix down tunes. The fun task I have set myself is express my presence without being to speak...and to allow a 21stC person to do it for me. We need to get used to these virtual people. There's only going to be more of them.

As this is one continuous piece of music and not a 'show' in the normal sense, but rather a 'session' by Coseyhead, I believe that I can break the normal rule (a licensing requirement) and give you the playlist now:

Technohead - I Wanna be a Hippy (Casketkrusher Mix)
Remute - West East (Original Mix)
Chinese Man - Miss Chang (remix by Tha Trickaz)
Proxy - 8000 (Original Mix)
Ankokushinwa - Lakeside
Green Velvet & Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams (Original Mix)
David Herrero - Eisbär (Tribute Mix)
RadicalG - Deathstar ( Original Mix )
C_C - To S_3
Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage
Fanu - Shatner Rap (Feat Greenleaf)
Pole - Lurch
Hanetration - Rufus
Mueran Humanos - Leones en China
WPN-114 - Dialoghi
Rayman Origins - The Lums' Dream (''Glou Glou'')
Lucky Dragons - Mirror Makers
Blank and Kytt - Thursday and Snow (Reprise)
Goran Bregovic - Me Sam Devla Romani
Proxy - Shut Up! (Original Mix)
Limited Toss - Bodbod
Audio - Fringe
Tipper - Shatter Box
Miii - The Hardware Anthem
Remute - Planet Murdoch (Original Mix)
Cornell Campbell - Fast Car

Have a lovely Christmas everybody.
Turkey rights and peace!

It's been a fookin' pleasure.