Peter Nelson 2012 Playlists

Dandelion Radio December 2012
Coseyhead Presents - Hit

Technohead - I Wanna be a Hippy (Casketkrusher Mix)
Remute - West East (Original Mix)
Chinese Man - Miss Chang (remix by Tha Trickaz)
Proxy - 8000 (Original Mix)
Ankokushinwa - Lakeside
Green Velvet & Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams (Original Mix)
David Herrero - Eisbär (Tribute Mix)
RadicalG - Deathstar ( Original Mix )
C_C - To S_3
Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage
Fanu - Shatner Rap (Feat Greenleaf)
Pole - Lurch
Hanetration - Rufus
Mueran Humanos - Leones en China
WPN-114 - Dialoghi
Sea of Serendipity - The Lums' Dream (''Glou Glou'')
Lucky Dragons - Mirror Makers
Blank and Kytt - Thursday and Snow (Reprise)
Goran Bregovic - Me Sam Devla Romani
Proxy - Shut Up! (Original Mix)
Limited Toss - bodbod
Audio - Fringe
Tipper - Shatter Box
Miii - The Hardware Anthem
Remute - Planet Murdoch (Original Mix)
Cornell Campbell - Fast Car

Dandelion Radio September 2012

Carol Voderman - Motherfuckers
Ostad Khan - Logosamphia
Trollhead - Tes Ol
Ryukau - DO2
AKA Gelbart - Love Me Do
Nebulist - Sound Shuttle
Sexton Ming - Evil David Bowie
Sexton Ming & Colin Shaddick - Eccentric Ted
Smill - Back Of Drunknness
The Supremes - Buttered Popcorn
The Creature Cocoa - The Oceansong Her Lips
Kaleed - Un Jerrikane De Plus feat. DJ SheitOne Intro
Le Matin - Puteaux En Force
Taggy Matcher - Ain't Hard To Tell
Knolios - Melanin
Ubik - Arachnoid Trabeculae
5Y5 - Lady Bug
mmpsuf - The Beauty
Sol Rezza - Shorts For Radio 2
etc - s.t.m.
Indian Wells - Deuce
Jaws vs Paws - Tumbleweeds
Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant
Brain Eno - Pour It Out
Glen Miller - Where Is The Love

Dandelion Roots August 2012

Macka B - Never Played A 45
Gappy Ranks - Had Enough
Capleton & Bushman - We Mean It
DJ Folly & DJ Maselli - Rajaman
Dr Alimantado - Born For A Purpose
I Roy - Sky Juice And Festival Dumpling
Turntable Dubbers & Sebski feat. Top Cat - I Like Your Style (Dreadsquad remix)
Mato - All Good
Max Powa feat. Horace Andy - Do You Love
Mike Brooks - You're My Friend
Perfect - Good Personality
Sizzla - Police Oppression
Terry Linen - I Look To You
Harvey K Tel & Snorkie - Babylon Bop
DJ Folly & DJ Maselli - Daba Daba Daba

Coseyhead Presents

Summer 2012 mp3 

Dandelion Radio June 2012

Roger Species - Devil Woman
Schlachthofbronx - Every Day Of The Week
Batfinks - Dreamin Of Fruit
Tab - Calm Before The Storm (ft. Elle Rose)
Jared C. Balogh - Shaking Off The Rust
Headlez Ponch - Maneater Party (Get Da Fuk Out)
Roger Species - Green Jelly Babies
Shitmat - Don't Cry For Me Aldi Tuna
Limited Toss - U Yeah
Jared C. Balogh - Strides
Ghouqueu - Painted Bolt
Qebrus - Vlcnmtr
Art Electronix - Reactor
Bint - Handle Your Biz (Paul Blackout's 3 Weeks I'll Never Get Back rmx
Sumgli - Snails On Speed
D Zoom - Bob Dylan
Jared C. Balogh - Cyprus
Wellington Boot - Oysters I Do Not Understand You
Cherly KaCherly - The Glass Main System Hub
Alcove - Things On A Plate
Jared C. Balogh - Caught In A Realm
Tab - Neuropolitics (ft. AURC & R4G3)
Hammer Damage - Legalize It (original mix)
Schlachthofbronx - Waistline
Banvox - Laser
Roger Species - Bobsled Jungle
The Government - A Moment Of Interest

Dandelion Roots May 2012 

Dreadsquad ft. Blackout JA - Any Means Necessary
Dubkasm ft. Solo Banton - Are You Ready
Jah Mason - Run The Place
Duck Man - Duck Talk
Spice - Body Great
Cashy Goldmic - Ladies Carwash
Dave Barker & The Phoenix City Allstars - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Turbulence - Burnin Blaze
Black Skin The Prophet - Red Blood
DJ Raba - Rasta Future
DJ Tzinas - What's Golden
Monkey Marc - Rudebwoy Dub
Ennio Maccaroni - Courthouse Scandal
Blundetto ft. Courtney John - Warm My Soul

Dandelion Radio May 2012 

Alaclair Ensemble - King Nelson
Snail Bob - Angry People
Yva Las Vegass - Crack Whore
Brainway & Bullit - Fucking Fuck
Don Trust in session - Aint Don
Chat Logs - Cropsee pt1
Audiotist - East vs West
Snorkie - Woman

Dandelion Roots March 2012 

DJ Hippie - Smoking Makonha
Ras Zacharri - Cold Blooded Viper
Perfect Giddimani - Champion's Anthem
Big Youth - London's Burning
Rod Taylor - Run Run Run
Marie Claire - I'll Be There
The Ethiopian - Wondering
Dolomoite - Hustler Story
Sizzla - Got It Going
Jigsy King - Blaze Marijuana
Pampidoo - Ghetto Rock
Hortense Ellis - Stand By Your Man
JStar - One Life, One Hope

Dandelion Radio March 2012 

Parovstelar - Hotel Axos
Warlock - Perana
Headache - Speed Rag
Parachute Pulse - Snowblind
Ghetto Plotz - Y Step
Black Sea Hotel - Ja Izlezni
Lovely Little Girls - I'm So Good Looking
Jared C. Balogh - Envisioning Spring In December
Dub Terminator - Big Up Riddim
Kappah - Nostalga
Blue Ducks - Indigo Prime
Chuck Bettis & Friends - Playfull Moaner
Paneye - North Sea Radio

Dandelion Radio February 2012 

Suzanne Couch - Nincompoop
Four Lions Hilarious Dubstep rmx
DMY - G4
Boyscout Discovery - Russian Flashcars
Pregnant - Life Hard I Try
Irma Vep - Mow Mow
Brian Jefferies - You Stupid Bastard You Sat On My Cat
See I - How We Do JPOD The Beat Chef rmx
Daft Punk - Harder Stronger Faster Better (Sponjie Riddim)
[77] - [8]
All The Empires Of The World - King's Approach
8In8 - I'll Be My Mirror
23ID - Bird Flu
Ela Orleans - Beat Goes On (live at Budokan
Colours - Cadette
Bunfly - Proboscis (excerpt)
Pregnant - Vitamin D
Badsector - Walk On You
Elvis Herod - Christmas Treat (excerpt)
Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Natty Dread Riddim)

Dandelion Radio January 2012 

Tickle - Red River
KOFY - Mugabe's Lunch
Dirty Dubsters - I'm A Soldier
Milch of Source - Mahler Symphony 1(JP nuclear power plant MIX)
Happy Torture Friends - The Impractical Pig
Digi G'Alessio - Fake Indians
Angie Angel - How You Feeling
10 Speed Guillotine - The Hypnotic Drum
mGee - Sassafras
Sans Blanc - Rien Naiment
MFW - Fuck You David Lynch
Seneca - Violins Can't Save Me (Drugs Do Work RMX)
Herve Provini - Spiral
Zathura - Smash The Sun
Jiony - Waiting For The Sun
David Bedford - Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Faraon Bantu - Macaco Mata El Toro (feat Nova Lima Batata rmx)
Natalie Storm & Dreadsquad - Beat That Chest
jazz.K.lipa - Dubstep Thunder (Luke Gooding High Finess Remix)
The Viceroys - Unite