Wednesday, 27 May 2015

EMFAB May 2015

This moth's show is brought to you without the letter ' '.

Joi me on Thursday 28th May at Radio 4A for aother helping of ew ad extraordiary music.

There's 3 albums i particular that I wan to brig to your albums of the moth.

Aa & Elizabeth's secod album, titled Aa & Elizabeth, a digital ad CD relaese o Free Dirt Records.
MG by MG. The MG stands for Marti Gore, the fellow behind Depeche Mode. Bit of a's very good! Mute Records. And Jey Hval's secod album 'Apocalypse Girl' o Sacred Boes Records'

Also, a farewell to etlabel Black Later Records, who are callig it a day after 100 releases.

The rest of the playlist might look a bit like this:

Weedeater - Processioal
Modestep - Damie
Guadalupe Plata - Hoy Como Perro
The Phil Mitchell Project - Fightig Polka
Slam - Ghosts Of Detroit (Slam's Dub Iterpretatio)
Swe Hutmacher - Thought of Knowledge
Degiheugi - Betty
Housemeister & Toy Plaet - Welcome To The Fuy Farm
Pada Dub - Mayd Hubb meets Joe Pilgrim
Sarp Yilmaz - Kig of Skuk
Fred Thomas - Bed Bugs
Tree - The Kig
Nick Curly - Magrove
Silei - Empty Time
DJ Hidde - Blid Uiverse
You Love Her Coz She's Dead - Crystal Deth
Prefuse 73 - Applauded Assumptios
Kid606 - Happy Closure
The Phil Mitchell Project - Beale's Polka
Barringto Levy - Here I Come (acoustic version)

Please do liste i live from 8 'till 10 om (UK time). Worldwide on the iterne, ad 101.4 FM i Brighto, UK.
Durig the show you ca email me at emfab at wombnet dot com

I'll publish the actual playlist tomorrow, by which time I hope to have located all the missig ' 's.